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A fantastic day for all Jersey boys and girls!

Calling all jersey boys (and jersey girls) of all ages!

Fans are being urged to wear their favourite Rugby League jersey for the day on Friday May 26 and show their support for the Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund.

Rugby League supporterts are understandably passionate about their team’s colours and have a proud record in rallying to help worthy causes within the sport, including the defibrillator fund which has already raised £35,000 to help community clubs purchase life-saving equipment.

The first ever Jersey Day is the idea of lifelong Wigan Rugby League fan Graham Berry, who wants supporters to wear their jersey and make a minimum donation of £5 to the defibrillator fund on May 26 – the Friday between Magic Weekend and Summer Bash.

“We want Rugby League fans to show their support for a fantastic cause by what I hope will become the sport’s own version of ‘dress-down Friday,” said Graham, who runs a Facebook group called Rugby League Shirts Buy Sell Swap, along with his son, Andy.

“It will be great to see people wearing their jersey to work, down the shops or at the pub and getting behind the defibrillator fund, which is really making a difference to thousands of people.

“I’ve always been a first aider at work and was involved in funding projects that helped buy a couple of defibrillators which did save people’s lives.”

Other events linked to Jersey Day 2017 are in the planning stage and a unique commemorative jersey has been produced in association with sportswear manufacturer Rugby Street.

The jersey is red, white and green to represent Danny's club (Keighley Cougars) and national (Wales) colours and is badged with the number six.

By coincidence, 2017 is the 80th anniversary of Keighley's only Challenge Cup final appearance in 1937 and the jerseys will also be emblazoned with a traditional badge, the Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund logo and the Wembley date.

The jerseys costs £39.99 and can be purchased by visiting

To support Jersey Day 2017, please wear your jersey on Friday May 26 and donate £5 to

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