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Screening really does make a difference

It is easy to dismiss the need for cardiac screening if you don’t fit into the most obviously at-risk group. However, heart screening isn’t just for older men.

Getting tested for heart disease is particularly important if you have a family history of cardiovascular problems. Cardiac screening will be able to detect the hidden risk factors, such as high blood pressure or raised cholesterol, that can put us at risk of heart disease even when we feel healthy.

We were very proud and excited for the first official Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund Screening sessions.

Day One

Screening at Waterhead Warriors.

Throughout the day we screened 100 people from the age of 16. One gentleman was sent straight to hospital after issues were spotted from his ECG, highlighting the importance of screening, thankfully Kieron is absolutely fine.

Day Two

Our second screening took us to Wath Brow hornets in Cumbria.

In memory of Gavin a former player and friend. It was wonderful to meet Gavin s family and friends and hold a special day in Danny and his memory.

Day Three

Back to Water head Warriors today for the rugby fun day.

Sir Kevin Sinfield, paul Sculthorpe, Barrie McDermot and Terry O'Connor turned up for a fabulous day of fund raising for the DJ Fund screening day. A fabulous turn out from teams as far as Siddal RLFC. Girls, boys and all ages had a great day.

Screening and funding available to all sports clubs, communities and schools.

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